Early in November The Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC, was held for the tenth time. This time the convention was held in Paris, France but in recent years it has been held in different locations around Europe. This year more than 80 speakers talked about their work, the speakers came from all over the world and had different backgrounds. A large part of the convention was taken under street lighting and its future but the biological effective lighting was also prominent.

This year Guðjón L. Sigurðsson, a lighting designer at Liska, did talked about one of his project, it is the first time an icelander performes at PLDC. The talk was about the new luxury hotel which the Blue Lagoon is opening soon. It was part of the Lighting Application Case studies program where different lighting designers talked about their work.

The Blue Lagoon project is special in many ways. A lot of thought went into the concept behind the design and the main focus was to harmonize the architectural design with the overall experience. People were to be a central point, and they were to be allowed to experience the energy that comes with the long days during summer and the short days during winter.

Here are more information about the Blue Lagoon hotel hotel


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