Reykjavik´s swimming hall

By December 15, 2017Uncategorized

A new outdoor swimming pool and an extension to the building opened recently at the Reykjavík Swimming hall. The building and the pool were designed by VA architects but the old building is one of Reykjavík´s most known buildings. It was designed by Gudjon Samuelsson in the year 1937. The aim of the design, for the new building, was to build a wholesome dialogue between the old building and the new one. Choosing of the material and the colors were all based on the old building and in order to prevent the new building from shadowing the old one it was made out af glass to make it transparent.

Liska´s employees designed the lighting in the new swimming pool when they worked for Verkís and later Verkís finished the project. The lighting design aim was to improv and highlight the architectural values. Therefore it is well worth it to visit the swimming hall in the evening to enjoy the architecture and its atmosphere.

Here is an interview with the architects (starts in minute 15).

Image: VA architects

Image: VA architects