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Hjúkrunarheimilið Árborg

Scope: Electrical and lighting design, daylight analysis and BIM management

Project type: Healthcare

Location: Árborg, Iceland

Year: 2018 - 2019

Size: 4.100 sq. m

Client: Velferðarráðuneytið / Árborg municipality / FSRE

Status: Completed



  • Architectural design: Urban / Loop

  • Engineering: Verkfræðistofa Reykjavíkur

  • Landscape architects: Hornsteinar

  • Breeam assessor: Efla

  • General contractor: Eykt

Photography: Courtesy of Urban architects and Loop Architects

Hjúkrunarheimilið Árborg is and elderly care home located in south Iceland. The intention of the architectural design is to form a homey atmosphere with an emphasis on the building occupants and their well being. 


Therefore, the lighting goal is to provide health improvement and a sense of well-being to residents, but also to optimize the performance of the medical staff. Meanwhile, to provide the staff with a pleasant experience during and after the working hours, by reducing the clinical feeling and creating a more homey environment through the application of biologically effective lighting solutions. 

The design approach follows the criteria and requirements of environmental classification system BREEAM. The project aims to achieve a rating of 'Very Good'.

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