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The Feather


Wall Art work by Sara Riel Visual Artist in cooperation with Reykjavik Art Museum and the City of Reykjavik.

The Lighting Design aim to create depthness in the Artwork in its many phases as it reveals.

Wall wash light is used for  maximum depthness and colour rendering of the Artwork.

The Feather got published in the Lighting Design Magazine “Ljuskultur” ( 01/16, p.25)

Design: Verkís

Scope: Lighting design

Project type: Installation

Location: Breiðholt, Reykjavík, Iceland

Year: 2014

Size: ...

Client: Reykjavík City

Status: Completed

Awards: ...

Architects / Collaborators: ...

Photography: Photo courtesy of  Reynir Örn Jóhannesson

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